HOTEL TRIM is a discounted accommodation facility under the Tourism Agency’s “Go To Travel Program“. To receive the discount, please make a reservation through the hotel reservation website. Discounts do not apply to reservations made via the official website or over the phone. Please be careful.

To apply for Go To Travel

1. Discount content

The discount is available for trips starting on or after July 22. (35% discount (1/2 of the price x 70%))
For those who have already booked a trip after July 22, the discount will be refunded upon application after the trip.
From July 27 onwards, travel agencies, reservation sites, and direct sales reservation systems of lodges will begin to sell the trip at discounted prices from the ready operators.

2. How to make a reservation

At this time, no campaign-enabled booking sites have been confirmed. Information will be provided as soon as it is updated.

Infection Prevention Measures for Go To Travel Registered Facilities

As a requirement for participating in the Go To Travel program, accommodations must take measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus in accordance with the guidelines.

Our facilities will take measures in accordance with the guidelines to ensure that all guests can stay at our facilities with peace of mind.

We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

For more information on the campaign, please contact the following office

At check-in, all travelers will be checked for temperature and identity, after taking measures to prevent infection, such as avoiding face-to-face meetings. ■Travelers should be checked for temperature and other physical conditions, and if they have a fever or show symptoms of a cold, they should seek instructions from the health center and take appropriate measures, including on weekends. The use of common facilities, such as bathrooms and food and drink facilities, must be limited to a limited number of people and a time limit, and must be subject to strict 3-containment measures. .

All showers are for individual use and will not be shared with other guests.
There are no food and beverage facilities.

Buffet style meals are served individually, divided by employees, or provided with special tongs and chopsticks for individual guests to avoid sharing, and thorough three-seat sealing measures are taken at the time of eating, such as spacing seats apart. .



Alcohol disinfection of guest rooms and common areas will be performed as needed during cleaning.
Rooms and common areas will be ventilated as needed, taking into account the outside temperature.

Publicize the “Conditions of Participation” thoroughly and externally via the website or a notice at the front desk. .

The information is published on this page. We will also update this page when there are changes or additions.

Tourists should be made aware of the rules and regulations that they must follow when booking and purchasing travel products and when checking in at accommodations, etc., and that it is desirable to refrain from traveling in groups of young people, groups of elderly people who are prone to serious illness, and trips that involve parties of large groups. Choose your own travel policy

We will post the details of the campaign on this page.

For more information about the campaign, please click here.

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